Lucy is a typical sassy and smart husky! Understandably, she was a bit timid at first as her and her brothers came to HSHV after their owner was in a tragic accident. At first it was difficult to differentiate what was fear versus stubbornness, having to initially carry her down/up stairs (now she FLIES down them). She spends her days on long walks, playing with other dogs, annoying her cat siblings, taking long naps, solving puzzles for treats, and defiantly staying outside when it’s time to come in. She has yet to figure out how to escape the yard, but has figured out how to constantly receive belly rubs, howl at sirens, steal your seat, and play keep away from getting us to put on her harness. Although we heard she was the leader with her ‘pack’, she had to get used to her new cat siblings – but she has embraced them as her own! She now has a best friend, Lily, a fellow husky in the neighborhood that she can lead on walks and bully into playing keep-away. She is still warming up to engaging with all humans, but everyone she meets easily falls in love with her floppy ears and smile.

Rose now Lucy