One day, my family and I went to HSHV “just to look at the animals.” We saw all the little puppies, and my parents said we could visit with them. We sat in there, and we saw a small dog in the very back of the cage terrified of all of the loud noises. She had been rescued from some one who had kept WAY too many animals. Her old owner wasn’t giving her and her animal siblings good water, and she’d had Giardia. We picked her up, and my little sister and I fell in love. At the time though, our parents told us we were just visiting, so we left. The next day, my mom came home, and in her arms was Rue the small little puppy from the shelter. We screamed and rushed over to her happy as we could ever be. Now, Rue is 6 years old, and still living her best life, and has overcome everything she has been through. I am happy to say, that she came out of her “shelter shell” and is now the happiest dog ever, and not a day goes by when she doesn’t make me laugh. 🐶❤️