Adopting during the height of a pandemic has been life changing. Every day we are grateful to have welcomed these two ladies into our lives. While they spent the first 48 hours at home hiding inside -not under- the couch, for the past two months we’ve woken up every morning to hungry meows, headbutts, purrs, and toys littering our bedroom floor. It took awhile to reflect on new names, ultimately settling on traditional varieties of Japanese mochi, with Sakura meaning cherry blossom and Kinako roasted soybean – a fitting name for a dilute calico. We inadvertently made a toy box by storing all cat-items in an old basket, only to have Kinako jump into it to fish for what she wanted to play with. Sakura will choose a toy and proudly brings it to us when she decides it’s playtime. Kinako did give us a scare last week when we rushed her to the emergency vet, only to find out she had an asthma attack from *playing too hard*. These sweeties have brightened our lives with joy and mischief, pouncing stalking and destroying every feather toy. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such young cats, and we look forward to many more years with them, even if it’s full of hearing a noise from the other room and wondering what they’re getting into now.

Rumor & Mumble now Kinako & Sakura