After getting our first house, we were beginning the process of rescuing a dog to help fill our home. Both my wife Bernadette and I grew up with dogs. I grew up with a Miniature Poodle, and my wife grew with a rescue Border Collie. We were in line at an adoption event a local rescue was holding for a few German Shepherd puppies when we got a text message from one of our friends to check HSHV’s website for a Beagle puppy and a young Husky mix up for adoption. So we rushed over from the adoption event about 45 minutes away to check out the pups.

When we first saw Rusty, now Blue, we fell in love. Rusty had been kept outside almost 24/7 and then surrendered to HSHV. When we first met him, he had a lot of fear and anxiety of new people. When we took him home I took me 30 minutes and two people just to get him out of the car. With a lot of love, patience, vet care, and behavioral training from HSHV trainers Angela and Lowell, Blue eventually opened up and accepted us as his furever family. Now he is king of the living room sectional and our bed. He runs to give us a hug everyday when we come home from work and keeps us safe from bunnies in the backyard.


Rusty now Blue