In 2020 we lost our beloved cat Bublik.

Bublik was abandoned at a gas station back in 2016 (not in the U.S.). Fortunately a lovely lady at a nearby coffee shop looked after him, posted about him on FB and that’s how we found him. He was the loveliest and friendliest cat we had ever seen. An absolute joy. He came with us to Ann Arbor when we moved here in 2018. Everything was so much happier with Bublik. But at the very beginning of 2020 he got sick and was diagnosed with an inoperable kind of cancer. We were shocked and heartbroken. He was so dear to us and the only family we had. He was put on medication that helped him for a while, but in May took a turn for the worse and we lost him. I can’t even explain how devastated we were. Always will be.

We knew that we wanted to give a home to another cat, but it was so hard to even think about it after losing Bublik.
But after a while we decided to at least try.

We visited HSHV a couple of times and at the end of one of the visits, a lovely volunteer asked if we wanted to visit with Sage. She said that Sage is a shy adult cat who is FIV positive. When the kennel was opened we saw just the head with the black markings 🙂 She was so adorable! She was very shy, but she wanted pets on the head so much. She kept pushing my hands for more and more pets. We just fell in love with her immediately and took her home the same day. It took some time for her to get used to her new surroundings and to trust us. When we first saw more than her head she looked to us a bit like a munchkin cat , so we named her Munchkin:) Like Bublik, Munchkin is such a lovely and gentle soul! She was so healing with her kindness when we needed it the most, while mourning our lost family member. She continues to bring so much joy and happiness and light into our lives every single day and we will be forever grateful to HSHV for this beautiful gift.

Sage now Munchkin