Hi. My name is Silvia. I was adopted a week ago on August 16th 2020. It’s only been a little over a week in my new Forever Home, but my life has changed in such wonderful ways I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming! I love living with my Dad and his mom, my Grandma, I’m taken care of and loved and cuddled all the time. Every morning my day starts out with a long walk with Dad and Grandma. During the day I help Grandma with the gardening (I’m great at supervising), play with Dad, take some naps. Every evening, seven days a week, my dog walker comes and takes me for a 45 minute walk. I get so excited when it’s time for her to arrive. My Mom (Dad’s ex wife) and Bishon Frise sister come over several times a week to play. I’m signed up for obedience classes and looking forward to those. I have dog puzzles to exercise my mind, a foraging mat where Dad hides treats while I’m out of the room for me to find, and Mom got me a basic agility set so she and my sister can teach me how to do it. It’s all so exciting. Just wanted to thank everyone at the shelter for taking care of me and let you know I’m happier than I ever dreamed of being. I hope everyone there gets a Forever Home and Family like mine. ❤

Silvia now Silvia Grace Willox