On Christmas Eve 2017 my husband and three teenage boys went to HSHV to adopt a cat for me. Our previous cat had died at age 21 over a year prior, and our house was never the same.

There, they found “Sniffles.” She was one-year-old and the sweetest most loving cat. She was sick when they brought her home, and with medication, she was healthy in no time. She continues to be the nicest, sweetest cat I have ever met. She loves the boys and takes turns whose room and which family member she sleeps and cuddles with. She quickly acclimated to life with our dog. She has never hissed or batted at him, despite not living with a dog before.

I would like to thank her previous owner for raising her as a kitten. She was apparently well cared for, which is evident in her calm and loving behavior now.


Sniffles now Tilly