My roommate and I absolutely love animals. We had recently moved into a condo, but something was missing. We wondered down to HSHV to look at the little kittens in hope to find an addition to our little family. There was this tiny 2 lb. kitten, all grey, looking at us with piercing green eyes. We instantly knew she was the one.

We played with her for the good part of an hour and the feisty little girl kept escaping our arms. We took her home that day, and, man, is she spoiled. We like to call her “our little trash cat” because even though we have bought her countless toys, all she likes is trash, mainly crumbled receipts and anything that crinkles. Though her original name was Sparkling Bunny, we opted to name her Penelope Grace.

She loves looking out the big window at the birds “hunting” them like a good cat. She’s a snuggly little baby and likes to curl up on your chest and lick your face. I cant imagine my life without her now. We love her so much.


Sparkling Bunny now Penelope Grace