You can save a family of puppies!

For a $500 gift, you can sponsor a litter of puppies. You’ll give a family of innocent baby dogs a lifesaving ticket aboard HSHV’s Love Train, transporting them from a place where they risk euthanasia to HSHV, where volunteers and adopters await them with loving, open arms.

As a sponsor, you’ll get to name the puppies, you’ll get a photo of your puppies when they first arrive at HSHV, and you’ll receive an invitation to the exclusive Love Train Facebook group where you’ll have a chance to connect with the adopters and fosters of the puppies, extending your loving family even further!

Sponsor individually or with a group of friends or family. Your sponsorship truly saves the lives of these puppies!

Thank you for rescuing puppies!

For questions on sponsoring a litter of puppies, please contact