In July of 2022, my dog Buddy (Love Train alumni) had to be put down unexpectedly at two and a half years old. After four hours at the HSHV vet, I went home without him.

Weeks later, I took my niece and nephew with me to pick up his pawprints. We decided to look around and cheer ourselves up before the ride home. We entered one of the cat rooms and noticed an adult cat sitting at her kennel door. She put her head against the door, I put my hand in, and she rubbed against me. Something just clicked. Once we had a worker open her door, she came right up to me, reaching her head out. Not understanding what she was trying to do. I moved closer and she put her forehead to mine. I asked what her story was and I was told her previous parent passed away and she had been there for two weeks. Being twelve years old, there was a very small chance of adoption.
She went home with me two hours later. I think we needed each other. We were both grieving and something told me she needed me as much as I needed her. She’s been with us for several months now and she rules the house. I’ve always had dogs. But she’s got the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a cat. She’s the best spontaneous decision I’ve ever made.

Sprinkle now Missy