My boyfriend and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while, so one day we decided to go to HSHV to visit with the animals. I was specifically looking for long haired, fluffy, medium sized, female dog… and then we saw Benji (formerly Sudo)! We had never seen a dog with his coloring and thought he was absolutely stunning (and very, very sweet too). Dogs really do pick their humans, because we immediately knew he was the one for us.

Fast-forward 2 years: our Benji is just the cuddliest, goofiest boy and we’re so glad he found us! He loves to swim, sunbathe, wrestle with his brother Butters (also from HSHV, pictured right), sleep under the covers, go for rides in his dad’s truck, and so far he hasn’t met a food he doesn’t like. We love our Benji Son, Mr. Cutie, Muscle Chunk, Jambones, Brother Benj and are so grateful that HSHV brought him into our lives!

Sudo now Benji