On February 28, 2004, my family was told that we were to expect four female pups the next day as foster parents for HSHV. The pups were part of a litter of eight who’d been abandoned. We arrived at the Humane Society of Huron Valley the next day, and we were supplied with a cage, supplies, dog food and four little pups about six weeks old.

We took the pups home. They were quite active, and we bought a baby gate to keep them from running rampant through our house. They were Suzy, Jade, Kyra and Abra. After a couple weeks, we adopted Suzy. I hope the other seven in the litter found good homes; I think Suzy would agree that she got a good one.

Long story short, Suzy changed my life forever. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year at the age of 13. But she’ll remain beside me in my heart for the rest of my life.

P.S. That was 14 years ago, I live in NJ now, but I still make a donation to HSHV every year. I love you for all you do.