Levi had a rough first year of life starting off as a Love Train puppy. He was brought back with minor injuries before his first birthday, and was adopted again right away only to be brought back shortly thereafter because he was so afraid he refused to eat and had lost at least 10 pounds. This is when we met “Teddy.”

He was anxious, especially with my husband, but there was an instant connection between all of us. So on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we brought him to his new forever home. It has been a month now, and he is settling in perfectly. It started as a pajama party because we wanted to be sure he would eat… and our 7-year-old daughter was going to make sure that would happen. We hand fed him the first few days until he got comfortable enough to eat on his own.

He enjoys running free on our property, trail walks and snuggling with our girls (4 and 7). He is such a good and loving boy: the perfect addition we always knew we wanted. He still struggles trusting my husband, as it is believed he was abused by a man in his first year of life, but we are sure with patience and lots of love that will soon be a distant memory. We love our Levi and we’re pretty sure he loves us, too. 💙

Teddy now Levi