I spent a year looking for a puppy or dog to be my BFF. After my mom passed away May 2, 2018, my family helped me get my own place.

It was so difficult to find the perfect breed. I visited several shelters and adoptions events for months, applied at HSHV, looked at Love Train emails & visited HSHV with my sister. I WALKED RIGHT PAST HER!! I continued to look several times a day, and the dog’s picture that kept coming up was “Tina,” a 3 yr old, Pug/Beagle with severe separation anxiety.

My friend said THAT IS THE PERFECT FRIEND FOR YOU. I lived 45 mins away, dressed quickly & drove out to meet her. All the suggestions for her new home and owner fit me 100%. She rescued me!!

I never called her the shelter name, I just spoke from my heart. My Baby Girl has a forever home; she sleeps, walks, snuggles with me. TOTALLY SPOILED. She has very little anxiety; if I must go to an appointment, she is great, and I can’t imagine my life without her. Thank you, HSHV! HEROS.


Tina now Baby Girl