We adopted Harley as a puppy off the Love Train in 2016. She has a very sassy, loving, and energetic personality, and she definitely runs our household from her throne…the couch! She loves walks, chasing squirrels, and chewing bones! She added so much love and energy to our house, where we have another older dog and 2 cats.
She unexpectedly ruptured a disc in her spine in 2019 which led to paralysis of her back legs before it was diagnosed (a period of 24 hours, so very quickly!). We promptly took her to a neurologist who recommended surgery with a 50% chance of her regaining the ability to use her legs. We decided to try the spinal surgery and hoped for the best. About 1 week later she could feel her toes – it was the best day! But there was a long road of recovery ahead. It took many months and physical therapy before she was able to move her legs again, and then stand, and then walk. Today she can run around like she was never hurt! We couldn’t be happier with our vets and Harley’s recovery. We love her big personality so much and so happy we found her at HSHV!

Voila now Harley