When we adopted Watt (right, now Osgood, HSHV, 5-20-18), we soon realized he was far from the 7 year old lay-about kitty we were expecting. While we were happy to entertain him in the evenings, we wanted him to have a buddy to play with while we were at work. We adopted Castiel (left, now Mercury, Tiny Lions Center, 11-11-18) and I’m happy to say they have become fast friends and wrestling buddies, always entertaining us with their antics. Ozzy likes to drag his wand toys and “snakes” around the house and even sometimes brings them into the bed at night. Mercury is a great snuggler (and so so soft!) and especially likes the hour before my alarm when he can lick my nose and lightly paw at my face. I can hardly believe we’ve had these two for such a short time; they have fit so perfectly into our lives! Below is one of the few photos I could get when they stopped wrestling long enough to both look at the camera. Thank you, HSHV and TLC for all you do!


Watt and Castiel now Osgood (aka Ozzy) and Mercury