In 2020, we were looking for an energetic cat to be a companion to our 1-year-old cat Curtis, since he constantly wanted to play and our other cat just wanted to be left alone. We looked around online for a cat who was older than Curtis with high energy. That was when we found Wonder Boi’s picture and description. We went to meet him the next day. Immediately, he was warm and loving to us, and he had freckles on his nose like me. We loved him right away. We adopted him, took him home, and after a few months of adjusting, the boys became friends and playmates. Wonder Boi, now called Hercules, loves to greet our guests, snuggle with people (as long as they have a pillow or blanket on their lap), kneed soft surfaces and run like crazy through the house. He is great with kids and very gentle with people. As you can see in the photo, being a handsome cat is tiring work.

Wonder-Boi now Hercules