Monthly Archives May 2021

Girl Scouts Give Back

Girl Scout Troop #77179 is amazing! The troop voted to help the animals here at HSHV. They raised funds from their cookie sales to donate along with food, towels, Ziploc bags, and fleece toys they made at a meeting. We are so grateful for your kindness and generosity, and we know our animal residents are too. Thank you, Troop #77179!
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A Party for the Animals

Ella and her friends are kind kids indeed! Ella had her birthday party here at HSHV. Because she loves animals, she asked her friends to bring in donations for the animals. They donated towels, treats, dog food, collars, toys, and more! We are so thankful for your thoughtfulness, Ella. Thank you and happy birthday!
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Girl Scouts Help the Animals

Girl Scout Troop #40873 is amazing! They were inspired to help animals in need and wanted to support HSHV. Their families gathered household items to donate including tasty treats for the cats, towels, and Ziploc bags. We appreciate your generosity and kindness, and we know our animal residents do too. Thank you so much, Troop #40873!
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