I started volunteering at HSHV in October of 2016 after losing my first fur-baby to lymphoma a few months before. Three weeks later, I met my first HSHV alum, Dobby, and fell head over heels the moment I saw him. At the time, we were living with my parents and their puppy, but in the summer of 2017 Dobby and I were able to get a home of our own.

I had planned on getting Dobby a sibling when my work settled down a bit, but it soon became apparent that he needed another dog around sooner rather than later. No matter what I did– doggie daycare, long walks around town, swimming in our lake, it was clear that Dobby just wasn’t stimulated enough and he started resorting to some old behaviors that had vanished when he had another dog in the house. I thought it would take a while for the right fit to come into HSHV and resolved to just start keeping an eye out for someone who might make a good sibling for him, but the very first time I checked the website after making this decision I saw Beauchamp, now Remus. He looked so much like Dobby, just with a different colored coat and he was in the most adorable play bow in his photo, I knew I was in trouble. He fit right in with our little pack the moment we all met and the rest is history.

If Remus’s first family sees this, I can’t even imagine what an impossibly difficult decision it must have been to let him go, but please know that he is so incredibly loved and spoiled here. He and Dobby are the most perfect brothers, always by each other’s sides. He has made me a more patient dog mom, and the effect he has had on Dobby has been nothing short of miraculous. Dobby has struggled with some fear and confidence issues for as long as I have known him, but with Remus around he has managed to completely overcome some of his worst fears (ones that I had been trying to help him with and hadn’t been able to for over a year) and his confidence has just skyrocketed. We are truly so very lucky to have been able to add this lovable goofball to our pack.


Beauchamp now Remus