I lost my elderly dog in early 2022 and was absolutely heartbroken. The house was too quiet and lonely without him, and I missed the energy dogs bring. A couple months later I saw Stevie’s picture on HSHV’s website and immediately drove over to see him. He was brought in with their Love Train program. When I got there he was jumping all over his sister trying to get my attention, whining and “screaming” at me when I pet his sister. When I got to meet him separately from the puppies, he immediately started giving me kisses, jumping everywhere, just being a happy pup. I knew his goofy, happy energy is what I needed in my life. I took him home with me and he has been my best friend since. He’s so sweet, playful, and loves everyone and every animal he meets. He’s almost a year old now and I am so grateful I was able to find him through HSHV.

Boris now Stevie