I’ve wanted a cat all my life. When my fiancé and I got together, there were some allergy issues with our children and we couldn’t have an animal.

Flashforward, our children are now teens and allergies are almost non existent! We applied to dozens of shelters and rescues and I often visited HSHV website for new animals that would work for our family. I never heard back from any of the places we’d applied to. We had several heartbreaks, when animals we fell in love with were adopted from right under us. I thought we may never find a cat.

One Saturday morning we loaded up the kids and were at HSHV when they opened. To our luck, they’d just gotten several transfers. We fell in love with Bronson and his talkative, affectionate, and playful personality. We brought him home, renamed him Marbles, and he spent 14 days hiding in our basement. It was a tough transition and I didnt think he’d ever come upstairs…but he did, and he knew he was home.

He spends his days lounging on the highest platform of his condo and meowing for belly rubs. He is exactly what our family needed.


Bronson now Marbles