My last cat died before I was married and my husband had never had a cat at all. He used to have a dog. I missed having furry family enough to switch teams and get a dog, but my husband knew how much I love cats – so he agreed to be the one to switch.

We found Scotty at HSHV. He was about 7 years old and was friendly even in the stressful shelter environment. When we brought him home he hid for a few hours before coming out and settling in on my husband’s lap. He has spent a lot of time in laps since then, and has not done any more hiding. He is the friendliest, bravest cat I have ever lived with. He faces the robot vacuum with complete equanimity and he adores visitors. He is well behaved, too. He gets the zoomies around bedtime and has taught my husband about the joys of laser pointers, catnip bananas, and cardboard boxes. He has the softest belly and lets us rub it. Actually, “lets” is the wrong word. He INSISTS we rub his belly. So much purring! I think we have converted my husband to a cat person.

Butterscotch now Scotty