Do you live with a cat who has a behavior that makes your relationship difficult?  Here are some simple tips to help work with your cat to modify a behavior. It really can be as simple as this!

  1. Clearly identify the behavior that you’d like to work on. For example: jumping on the counter
  2. Find a replacement behavior or opportunity that does work for you. For example: It’s comfortable for you if the cat jumps on a cat tree *near* the counter
  3. Make that replacement behavior or opportunity the most appealing thing your cat has ever seen. Like… feed the cat on the cat tree, soak it in catnip, leave treats on the cat tree, playtime on the cat tree…
  4. Reward your cat every time they choose the replacement behavior or opportunity. For instance: Your cat walks up to the cat tree, you reward them. Your cat jumps up on the cat tree, reward them! Rewards are anything your cat finds motivating–attention, food, play… it’s up to them!
  5. Be consistent and use rewards that your cat really loves!

With time and consistency, you’ll see your cat choose the replacement because you’ve made it fun, safe and appealing for them!