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Cat to Dog & Dog to Cat Introductions

Many dogs and cats get along very well, especially if they’ve grown up with each other or have prior experience living with the other species. When bringing a new dog home to meet your resident cat, or bringing a new cat into your home to meet your dog, there are a few steps you can follow to make those introductions as successful as possible. First impressions are important, so you’ll want to set up introductions carefully so that both animals feel safe and have a pleasant experience getting acquainted with one another. Always remember that we have a Behavior Helpline
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Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats (Cat colds!)

Upper Respiratory Infections in cats are caused by a complex of viruses, just like the common cold in people. These airborne infections are only contagious between cats and kittens. Signs include sneezing, discharge from the eyes and/or nose, lack of appetite, fever and lethargy. Antibiotics are prescribed only when there is a secondary bacterial infection, as there is no treatment for the viral part. Some cats and kittens will stop eating when they are congested so feed fishy foods such as Fancy Feast or 9-Lives. Good nutrition is a key part of fighting the URI. If you cat refuses to
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Facts about Fleas

Fleas are one of the most common external parasites of dogs and cats worldwide. They are more than just a nuisance; heavy flea burdens can be deadly, especially in smaller, younger, or weaker animals. Fleas are also responsible for dermatitis caused by an allergic reaction to the presence of fleas and flea bites known as flea allergy dermatitis, or FAD, which has been reported to account for over 50% of all dermatological cases reported to veterinarians. Other conditions brought on by fleas include anemia from blood loss, feline infectious anemia (a life-threatening blood parasite carried by fleas), cat scratch fever/bartonellosis
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