We adopted Riley and Emma in 2015. I had first met Chance (now Riley) one day when I was just visiting. I noticed she was already wanting to cuddle up to me when I just passed by to say hi. My now husband and I were looking to adopt a cat. Since I’ve always been a dog person I was a bit hesitant, but I did agree to it. Because of this, my husband really wanted me to pick out the right cat. We had also adopted 2 cats shortly before who didn’t get along and it was slightly traumatic for both of us. So with all of these factors in mind, I asked to visit Chance and she instantly walked into my lap, laid down, and was purring and making muffins. I knew that we were going to bring her home, but I wanted my husband to meet her before we did. So I came back later that day with him and we decided that we should get another friend for her (also because there was a BOGO going on for adoption fees). So after he met with her, we walked around and saw Emma. She was talkative and wanting cuddles as she paced back and forth. So with that, we decided to bring them both home.

I know people usually recommend a week before introducing cats to each other, but after they got to know their new home a little bit, they were so interested with who was in the other room that they met after just 3 days. There was some hissing and avoiding at first, but there were no fights and they just began to grow comfortable around each other. Now they are 6 and 7 and have spent most of their lives together. Riley does have older sister tendencies as she is very persistent with grooming (she likes to groom us too!) but she is also very calm and loving as she often lets our 11 month old aggressively pet and lay on her. Emma is the definition of scaredy cat and curious cat all rolled up into one. She has to know whenever new things are around, but she’s also terrified of any sudden movements. She is also very aggressive about her love of dairy products and will fight us to get to our cereal bowls.

Overall, our lives have definitely been filled with more joy and laughter as we’ve watched them grow and live life with us. I can’t imagine these past 5.5 years without them. Thank you HSHV for all that you do!

Chance & Emma, now Riley & Emma