I remember I went to HSHV with the idea to adopt a dog that I saw on the website, but when I walked in I saw so many dogs and I decided to stop by all of them and say hi.

There’s when I saw Deeno, he came to us and burped hahaha it was funny, and also his chunky body – we literally fell in love. But I needed some time to think about it so I decided I was going to come back on Friday and meet him. It was really late when I got there Friday so they told me to come back next day, so Saturday I was there as soon as they opened.

I took Deeno for a walk and for some reason I knew he was the one. I’m so excited and happy to have him with me. It’s been 4 days and I feel he’s been with me forever, he is so friendly and silly. He wants to be around me and my boyfriend all the time, he goes for car rides, enjoys his walks and we spoil him so much. He brightens our day and give us so much love. He is 5 years old but still acts like a puppy, and is a very picky eater! I would tell anyone to also give an opportunity to an adult/senior dog because they will be grateful forever ❤️ Deeno is our baby and the best thing could ever happen to us! We also had to make him a bed attached bed to ours because he refused to sleep by himself 😂