Lost & Found Line: (734) 661-3545

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    1. Complete our lost report.

    Please allow 24 hours for your report to be visible on our website. Reports expire after 90 days; to extend, call (734) 661-3545 or email lostandfound@hshv.org. Include a photo or email it to us later, including your and your pet’s name, so that we enter your photo into the correct report.

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    2. Check for matches using the links above.

    We’ll check, too, but no one will recognize your pet faster or better than you! Please do not assume if your pet isn’t listed s/he isn’t here. Animals who’ve been in our shelter a while may not appear on our website any longer.

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    3. Are you outside or near the border of our service area?

    If you’re close to the border of or outside of Washtenaw County, Plymouth or Northville City, please contact your local stray hold facility.

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    4. Have questions or spot a match? Call us at (734) 661-3545.

    And see more tips and resources on finding your pet here.


Think your cat may be at our shelter? Call (734) 661-3545 immediately. Strays are typically held for 4-7 days before being placed up for adoption.


Find your cat after filing a report? Please let us know – call (734) 661-3545 or email lostandfound@hshv.org. Thank you.