We have been coming to HSHV regularly over the last few months, just keeping our eyes open for the perfect bigger pup who might get along with our two 5 lb chihuahuas. We knew this might be tricky, but the staff were ready and willing to help us find our match! After a few unsuccessful tries, we came across sweet Hannah and quickly fell in love! She has only playful energy towards our little girls, and the staff were so incredibly helpful in deciding if her behavior was conducive to having a happy home.

Since bringing her home we’ve worked on slowly introducing them and having them spend more and more time together, and all three ladies have become happy-go-lucky friends!! She has been an absolute joy and wants nothing more than to sit in our laps and snuggle, and we are beyond happy to oblige! We can’t thank the staff at HSHV enough for their understanding and expertise with dog behavior to help us find our perfect match.

Hannah now Jovie