You make the difference

Number of animals helped:

This holiday season, help give 375 animals shelter. Every day, dozens of animals come through our doors — many cold, scared and alone. Your generosity means the world to them and us. Thank you.

Gifts that change lives

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Sponsor a kennel

Sponsor a Kennel

Give homeless animals much needed comfort until they find a home. When you sponsor a kennel, your inscribed plaque will hang on the door of a cat, kitten, dog or puppy kennel for all to see.
HSHV's Path of Love

Get a Personalized Paver

We’ll inscribe a brick paver with your personal message, then place it in our “Path of Love,” lining the entryway to our shelter. We’ll also invite you to a Spring ceremony when the brick is laid.

Sponsor a litter of puppies

Rescue a family of innocent puppies by giving them a lifesaving ticket aboard the Love Train, and you’ll get a photo of your newly extended family, and you'll get to name every one! Sponsor individually or as a group.