Matching Meal Challenge

This holiday season, give where it counts. Every little bit helps to feed the need of abused and homeless animals in our community.

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Give in someone's name

Any size gift
Select an adorable e-card and write a personal message to instantly let someone know you've donated in their name.

Name an animal

Whether it's your name or the name of a loved one, a funny surprise gift or a heartfelt honor, we'll give a dog, cat or small mammal (your choice) the name you choose.

Mail a card

When you make a gift of $20 or more using the link here, we can send a beautiful card to your recipient in the mail, handwritten with your personal message.
Sponsor a kennel

Sponsor a Kennel

Give homeless animals much needed comfort until they find a home. When you sponsor a kennel, your inscribed plaque will hang on the door of a cat, kitten, dog or puppy kennel for all to see.
HSHV's Path of Love

Get a Personalized Paver

We’ll inscribe a brick paver with your personal message, then place it in our “Path of Love,” lining the entryway to our shelter. We’ll also invite you to a Spring ceremony when the brick is laid.

Sponsor a litter of puppies

Rescue a family of innocent puppies by giving them a lifesaving ticket aboard the Love Train, and you’ll get a photo of your newly extended family, and you'll get to name every one! Sponsor individually or as a group.

Buy a calendar

When's "Ask Your Cat a Question Day"? Or the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs? Celebrate oodles of animal lover holidays and help out the homeless animals all-year-round with this special 15-month calendar (January 2023 through March 2024). Measures 8.5"X 11" when closed.

Shop our store

Get your HSHV and Tiny Lions gear online! From embroidered windbreakers to "Love Starts Here" hoodies, pit bull advocate T's to cat-friendly beanies, you'll find something for every animal lover! All proceeds from your purchase go toward helping the animals in the shelter.

Give a gift certificate

Give the ultimate gift: unconditional love! By purchasing a gift card from HSHV, your lucky recipient can come to HSHV to find a best friend, and you'll pick up the adoption fee. Call us at 734-662-5585 or stop in to get a gift card! Or you buy a Tiny Lions gift card for visits at the cat cafe or yoga at