I’ll never forget the day I went to HSHV to adopt a kitten. My childhood cat had recently passed away and my life didn’t feel whole without a cat in it. I remember walking in the direction of the kittens, and on my way a cat looked up at me with the most beautiful big green eyes. I stopped right there. She had a sign on her cage saying “medical hold”. My Mom saw that and said “you can’t adopt her” and kept walking. I immediately asked a staff member if I could see her, and what the medical hold was. Turns out she had a skin condition and her belly was red and sore. I remember the staff member telling me I could hold her, but only if she came to me. He opened the cage and she jumped right into my lap and started putting. I knew right away that this was my cat. I went through with adopting her, but had to wait a couple of days until the vet cleared her. Now it’s been 4 years with my sweet Lucy cat and she is my best friend. She greets me at the door when I come home and follows me around the house. She begs for food like a dog would. She curls up on my chest at bedtime and snuggles with me. She even walks outside with a leash. She is the sweetest cat ever and I’m so thankful for her every day.

Holly now Lucy