Cat guru Jackson Galaxy recently spoke about some ways to live the best life with your beloved cat, and his tips are a great place to start when thinking of how to have a really great relationship with your cat.


It starts with learning how to communicate with your cat, using very non-threatening body language with your cat to help them feel really safe with you. The following can offer an “I love you” to your cat just by looking at them…

  • Slow blinks
  • Nods
  • Avoiding confrontational staring
  • Avoiding forward body language


Making sure that you’re offering your cat choices in how they want to interact with you, as opposed to forcing them to accept attention your way, is another way to not only build a great bond with your cat, and it creates a lot of trust with your cat. They know that they can seek attention purely on their terms and that they won’t have to bite or run away because their person respects their choices and space.


Offering your cat tons of great enrichment that they love to engage with is another way to increase your cat’s comfort in your home. This includes

  • The number and placement of your litterboxes. These are for your cat’s comfort, this is such an important thing to remember.
  • Lots of comfort items
  • Vertical space
  • Toys
  • and play inducing enrichment will all make your cat so happy!!


Make playtime fun for both you and your cat. Reminding your cat every day that you respect their feline-ality, allowing them to engage in cat specific behaviors such as leaping, hunting and catching “prey,” can improve your relationship with your cat tremendously.


Check out the video here for the full scoop on how to tell your cat you love them.