In homes with children and dogs, it sometimes can be challenging to keep kid’s toys from becoming dog chew things, especially during the holidays or birthdays when toys are all over the place.  Here are a few tips for keeping your kids’ (or your own) things safe from your dog’s jaws:

  1. Use management.  Keep kid’s toys out of reach using baby gates, dog pens, etc.
  2. Make sure your dog has a good assortment of highly desirable toys of their own.
  3. Be sure to give your dog attention for playing with his/her own toys.  Often we don’t pay attention when our dogs are doing things we like, but they learn they can get your attention by grabbing the child’s favorite stuffed animal and starting a big keep away game.  Engage your dog in games of fetch, tug, or any other play that they like, so that they learn those toys are more likely to result in a good time with you.

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