April 2010 we adopted Keno, a pit bull mix, from HSHV. At the time Keno was 7 months old. We fell in love with him almost immediately. He came into our home and has brought so much joy, love, cuddles and laughter, he is a part of our hearts forever. We were originally told that Keno loves toys, and you were right, till this day he loves toys! We have given Keno the best life we can offer, with home-made dog food, comfy beds and blankets, plenty of toys, nice fenced-in backyard, healthy treats and a ton of human friends! Keno is turning 14 years old this October. In his old age, we try to prevent arthritic pain and to give even more love. Our lives were never the same once we saw cage #29 Labeled “Keno”. It was the best decision to go to HSHV 13 years ago.

Keno now Majestic Keno Hardwick