When I walked into the kitten room, Milo (then Linus) jumped onto the bars of the crate, and I knew he was coming home with me. Otis (then Reedus) was a bit more shy, but I thought Milo could pull him out of his shell. Boy, was I right. Now, they are two brothers who wrestle and cuddle all the time and just had their first birthday!

Milo has never met a person he doesn’t like (he even tries to help the maintenance man!), and Otis is afraid of basically everything. But together, Milo helps Otis overcome his fears and meet new people. Now, Otis is the cuddliest animal you’ve ever seen, but only with a select few people, and that’s okay! We are looking forward to many more years together!


Linus and Reedus now Milo and Otis