He recently came home with me (9.18.2020), but Longitude has absolutely been the best buddy I’ve needed in my life. He’s such a good fit for me and absolutely thriving! He sleeps on my bed while I attend online classes (or will sleep in my lap while I’m working) and he’s a night owl just like me. I come home from my late-night, in-person work and he’s up and ready to play. It always lifts my spirits to see him chasing his wool mice (his favorite type of toy) around the room even when I’m exhausted.

I went to the shelter because I saw him online, but expected such a sweet and cute little cat to be gone by the time I managed to get there. I loved his name so much, and wanted a black kitty! When I got there, I found that he was still available! It was an easy choice for me: I placed a hold on him that day and came back the next day to get him.

His first day home couldn’t have gone better, in my opinion. He is so well-behaved and there haven’t been any major problems! Uses the litter box at all times, has not scratched or bitten me, and loves attention. 10/10 love this cat and will love him forever.