The moment I first saw pictures of this tiny gremlin, my heart was completely won over. She was a tad under 2lbs and choc full of personality and spunk.

Cheese (aka Bubby, Bubbins, Bubberino, Mary Bubbins, BubBub, Bubbedy Bub, Baby Cat, Bubby Cut, Bubberly, Bubberino Flash, etc.) loves to talk to everyone, watch the birds and squirrels from her cat tree, and roll on dirty floors. She enjoys playing with her favorite toys called “string-string”, “bun bun”, and “squidly”, can’t get enough of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, will drop everything for salmon treats, relishes in snuggles and belly rubs, and is enamored with her humans, her dog best friend Limbo, and her older cat pal, Meatball. To be honest, I cannot imagine our lives without Cheese; she has brought us endless joy, laughter, and love. Thank you HSHV for helping bring this sweet creature into our lives, we are so happy to be her people <3

Mika now Cheese