My girlfriend and I had been living together for a while and decided maybe we should go look at dogs. Originally, we both wanted a puppy but decided that would be a lot with our busy lives.

We went a few times and didn’t see any dogs who were somewhat calm. The last time we went, we saw Nala (Patty at the time). She was very hesitant and shy, and it looked like she’d had babies recently. My girlfriend and I talked about it for a bit, and took her for a walk around their facility.

Nala started off being super sketched out by everything, and didn’t like being away from us. Once she got back to our house she seemed a bit intimidated, but found her cozy spot – our bed!

We ended up moving a few months later and didn’t know how she would be with another dog in the home. Needless to say, it went much better than we expected.

Nala loves to go out and run around with her new best friend Dakota and have crazy hyper moments where she jumps off of everything. The rest of the time she is still super relaxed and loves to sleep everywhere.

Without HSHV, we wouldn’t have our lovely Nala. Thank you for everything HSHV!!

Patty now Nala