We adopted Mayvis in 2016. She was almost 6 years old then and had been surrendered to the shelter with her kittens, adopted out and then returned a few months later because she didn’t get along with other cats. We only had a dog so we chose her.

Mayvis was the typical cat, she kept to herself and only wanted to be pet on her terms. When she had enough, she batted our hand away. After a few years, I brought home a kitten that someone had abandonded in our local CVS parking lot, unsure of how Mayvis would do with him. While she didn’t play and snuggle with him, she did tolerate him and was never mean to him. I’m not sure what happened but when we moved to a new house in 2019, but Mayvis came alive. She is a completely different cat. She’s always around me, following me from room to room, talking to me. She snuggles with me on the couch and always wants attention and begs for treats. She has even started approaching visitors, nudging their hands to get them to pet her. It is amazing to see her transformation. I guess she just needed time to learn she could trust us and that we love her ❤

Princess Ardala now Mayvis