Having recently lost my rabbit Jovi, I was unsure if I wanted to get another pet. I looked on the HSHV website and I saw Queenie, now Fenella. I thought that she was so cute and exactly what I was looking for. I still didn’t think I was ready, so I didn’t look any further. The next week I looked at the website again and saw that Queenie was still available, so I went in to visit. I loved her, but was going out of town soon after for a few weeks, so I didn’t think I could adopt her. When I got back into town Queenie was still available. I knew it was meant to be. I was told that she was super sassy and was not very comfortable with humans, but after only a few weeks at home Fenella really adjusted well. She loves bananas and every time I open the fridge she comes running into the kitchen begging for food. She loves to sleep on my bed and enjoys running around my apartment and going through all of the tunnels I have set up. So glad that I chose to bring Fenella home. It was really meant to be.

Queenie now Fenella