Reptar now Jack

I recently lost my best friend of 13.5 years, and I was devastated. I knew I had a lot of love to give and wanted to find the “right” dog to love on. Not a replacement but a new best friend.

My dad and I decided to browse the kennels at HSHV on a very busy Saturday. We walked through once, and I found out the one dog I was interested in already had two holds on him. My dad suggested going for one more lap. Partway through, I noticed a door leading outside and we decided to venture out. I’m so thankful that I did! We saw Jack (formerly Reptar) hanging out in his cage. He was sweet looking and ran right up to us. We then took him for a walk and I was hooked.

It’s now been two weeks, and I am forever grateful to HSHV for bringing the two of us together. He’s a total lover, always wanting to cuddle, and makes me laugh every day. He loves his toys and his walks. When I first came here, he was so nervous and even scared to use the stairs! Now our place is his domain! Jack is amazing and he has not only helped my grieving process but brought me true joy. THANK YOU