Are two better than one? While there’s an added expense of food and medical care, here are the top five reasons to consider adopting two kittens instead of one:

1. If you already have an older cat at home, he may not want to be bothered by a single, active, rambunctious kitten. Adopting two kittens could mean that they keep each other busy and give your older cat the space he may need to acclimate to them being there.

2. Kittens learn from each other! They learn grooming, litterbox and normal eating skills from one another and, almost more importantly, they learn play styles from one another. They learn how much is too much and how to respond to signals to stop from one another, and that’s really important! A single kitten who might not have learned how to share and play appropriately can be a kitten who seeks attention and play inappropriately from you. With another kitten in the house, they can continue to learn boundaries for play in a much more efficient manner than if humans have to teach them.

3. A single kitten can be so mischievous!! With another kitten in the home to help her work out some energy, the mischief is often reduced. Two kitten buddies can enrich and entertain one another all day long, making your life a little easier.

4. It can be easier to adopt a pair of kittens now than it might be to introduce another adult cat to your kitten after she grows up. Adult cats who have no experience with other cats can sometimes reject living with another adult cat, but if you know now that you’d like two cats, there’s no better scenario than adopting a pair of kittens!!

5. They can keep each other company. If you’re working long hours but would love to have a feline companion, two kittens is the way to go!

And a bonus #6 – Often, at HSHV, we have Adopt-one-Get-one-Free specials on kittens… just ask us!