We adopted Trout and Viv through HSHV’s feral barn cat program, and when we first met them they were just that – feral. Both cats were terrified of humans and didn’t know what love looked like.

The first few months we barely saw them – glimpses here and there before they would run away from us – but always evidence they were around and were eating their bellies full. With lots of patience and persistence, Trout and Viv are now two of the most friendly, cuddly and social barn cats I have ever met. They come running when they hear foot steps coming out of the house, will dance around your feet until they get a treat and love to hop onto warm laps for a nice long cuddle session. They happily coexist with our horses, goats, and dog but are terrified of the pesky chickens! They make the barn feel so much like home, and we feel so lucky to have them as apart of our lives.