As the winter weeks go on, many people and dogs are starting to get cabin fever. Snow and ice and frigid temperatures may be making it more difficult to get outside to exercise Fido as much as you would like, and maybe everyone is starting to go a little stir crazy from too much time inside. While you wait for spring weather to come, one option for indoor exercise for our canine friends is to invest in or make a “flirt pole.” Flirt poles are essentially like over-sized wand toys (similar to cat toys) with a fleece or plush toy at the end. With the wand, you can get your dog engaged in a vigorous game of chasing the toy, which enables you to give them some high-intensity exercise in just a relatively small space. You can also use the game to teach some good manners and impulse control by having the dog start the game by sitting politely, and dropping the toy for a treat at the end when they catch it.


Tip from a player: “Be sure to secure your valuable or breakable items from area – things can get CRAZY!”


For tips on playing with and making a flirt pole, check out this blog post. Or if you want to buy one, we recommend Squishy Face flirt poles!