Our family adopted Thumper on St. Patrick’s Day 2010. He was 2 1/2 yrs old so he really is an old man now, getting close to 16 years old. We knew right away that he was for us! He has his share of physical challenges but he still wants his 2 walks a day, although he needs quite a bit of help. We are happy to help, as you only live once!

When we brought Thumper home, he already had such a beautiful personality. We did the dog training classes at HSHV and he passed his canine citizenship test. We continued our training over time and, eventually, he became a service dog. When I say “we continued our training,” it’s because I realized early on how important consistency was on my part, among other things. We have enjoyed a long journey of learning and we are so grateful for HSHV for being a partner in bringing our family together.