On March 17, 2018, my husband tricked me into visiting the Humane Society of Huron Valley. He lured me in by saying we would go, take a stroll through and purchase a toy for our dog at home. Upon taking our stroll, I laid eyes on Thunder Lizard, a 4-month-old Australian Shepard mix (we later determined that he is not an Australian Shepard but more of a Brittany Spaniel mix). I immediately fell in love (how could you not). My husband saw me losing my mind over this dog and suggested we meet with him.

The picture shown is my hubby, Mike, meeting Thunder Lizard. Overcome with immediate love, I got choked up at the idea of leaving him behind. I had just lost my job and knew we couldn’t afford a second dog. Smiling rather smugly, Mike stated that we were taking him home because he had been saving up $$ for quite awhile and had been waiting for Thunder Lizard to arrive. You see, Mike was receiving email alerts, and this day was the first day this little guy would be available for adoption. Well surprise, surprise, we had arrived just as HSHV had opened, and we were the first to visit with him. We followed through with all of the paperwork and brought him home after a few minutes of arguing and convincing me that we could handle it.

As it was St. Patrick’s Day, we renamed Thunder Lizard, Porter Thunder Lizard. It turns out he did like porter, and Mike struggled to keep his beer from Porter. Porter made a great addition to our family, and his big sister, Pilsner (also from Huron Valley – she was originally Juliette), was super excited and surprised! This boy is now a year older and loves treats, playing fetch, bones, dinner time, running as far and as fast as he can, and snuggles with his family!!!


Thunder Lizard now Porter