A month before our wedding, we were searching for a pet. I signed us up for the Love Train emails just in case one of those cuties would steal our hearts. My favorite flower is a tulip; it was the only flower in my bouquet and every centerpiece. When I saw a puppy named Tulip I just knew I had to have it. I sent my husband the picture and highlighted the name with a big please??

The Love Train came on April 1, so when my husband sent me a picture of a puppy saying “meet the boy named Tulip” I thought it was an evil prank. Then I came home to the happiest, most curious puppy ever. He instantly stole our hearts. He loves everyone, every dog, and every cat he meets. A little cautious every once in a while, but the sweetest guy. We named him after our favorite Formula 1 driver, and Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton.

Tulip now Lewis Hamilton