Apply to Complete Community Service Hours

For those interested in completing court-ordered community service, you must be 18 years or older and serving hours for a non-violent misdemeanor offense such as DUI/OWI. Unfortunately, individuals with a history of felonies, retail fraud, theft, larceny, animal neglect/abuse and/or violent crimes will not be permitted to join the volunteer program at HSHV. At this time, we are unable to accept court-ordered volunteers under the age of 18; you must be 18 years or older at the time of application to be considered.

1. Complete the Application

2. Attend a Hands-on Orientation Session
Before you begin volunteering at HSHV, we require that you:

  • Schedule an Orientation Session: You’ll find the available dates on the application. We’ll send you a confirmation when your application is received and give you a call to introduce ourselves.
  • Attend your scheduled Orientation Session: This will be an informative, hands-on session, so be prepared to get to work. Wear comfortable clothes for indoor work.
  • Pay a one-time program fee of $80 at your Orientation Session: $30 of this fee is tax deductible. This fee is required and cannot be waived.

3. Provide Documentation to our Volunteer Manager
At the New Volunteer Orientation or before your first volunteer shift, your probation officer’s contact name and phone number must be provided on official letterhead. If this paperwork is not received by HSHV, our staff will not be able to provide a completion letter for hours served.

If you have any questions regarding our court-ordered volunteer program, please contact our Volunteer Manager at 734-661-3517 or