Do you have a cat who’s an ankle biter? They may lie in wait, under the couch or coffee table, only to rush out and latch onto your ankles or legs as you walk past. In the moment, it seems like they’re attacking you and it can certainly make your relationship with your cat difficult!

What seems like an out-of-the-blue, random attack is really more likely a cat acting out of frustration and boredom. Sometimes it’s just a cat who loves stalking prey and has been reinforced when he does it because he gets a great reaction every time he does it. One thing is for sure, though, he’s not doing it to hurt you. It’s a game to him, and we need to give him the tools to seek attention and play in a way that’s appropriate for both of you!

Ensuring your cat has great scheduled play throughout the day is a fantastic way to curb any frustration, but making sure that you’re playing with your cat in a way that really satisfies him is going to make the real difference.

This great blog post and video from Jackson Galaxy explains in detail how you can work with this behavior. Take a look, there are great solutions there!!