Did you know you may be supporting cruelty to animals without knowing it?  Many common products, such as cosmetics, shampoos and cleaning products, are tested on animals (like rabbits) before they are sold.  Products are usually placed on an animal’s eyes or skin to test for irritation.  Besides being painful and unpleasant for the unwilling animal participant, results from tests on animals do not always accurately predict the results on humans.

But what can you do?  Look for products that have been verified cruelty-free!  There are currently three organizations that confirm products to be cruelty-free (Cruelty-Free International, PETA and Choose Cruelty-Free) .  These organizations check not only to make sure that the product itself has not been tested on animals, but also that the individual ingredients in the product have not been tested on animals either.  Happy cruelty-free shopping!