Animals at HSHV have no time limits

Some animals need extra help to find their new homes, or they come from special situations. Sometimes a dog needs a little more training, or a cat is happier in a barn than a house. Maybe the animal has a medical condition that will require ongoing care, or a pair of bonded pets need a home together.

Whatever the situation, we have a program in place to help each of our animals find the best possible home. Here are some of our adoption programs and specials.

brown dog

Pets of the Week

Adopt a Pet-of-the-Week this week, and get 10% off your adoption fee! These are ...
Pebbles dog carrying her pajamas

Pajama Parties

Some dogs in our shelter are available for a free, 3-day sleepover! Look for ...
Cat with a serviceperson

Military Adoptions

All servicepeople are eligible for a 10% discount on their adoption fee. This discount ...
Senior with a cat

Senior-to-Senior Adoptions

Senior people over 62 years of age are eligible for a free adoption of a ...
Community cat Sully

Barn Cat Adoption

Some cats who end up at HSHV cannot adapt to indoor living. They may be ...
American soldier with dog

Pets for Patriots

HSHV is proud to be a member of the "Pets for Patriots" nationwide program ...
Gold Hearts Club

Gold Hearts Club

Some animals have been in our care longer than others, and they need extra ...